Seattle, Washington

The city of Seattle is Washington state's largest city and surrounds the picturesque Puget Sound. Together with the conurbation formed with Tacoma to the south, Redmond and Everett (home of Boeing) to the north, it is the largest metropolitan area in the Pacific North-West region of the United States.

The urban transport task in this region lies with 2 operators. King County Metro Transit is responsible for all Trolleybus and Bus operations entirely within King County - i.e. Seattle and its suburbs. Sound Transit provides Local and Express Bus and Commuter Rail Service from Downtown Seattle to Tacoma, Redmond, Everett and areas in between including areas of Snohomish and Pierce couties and parts of King County where Metro does not serve.

The steep terrain in the Seattle area, and the lack of any form of light-rail are reasons for the Trolleybus networks' size and longevity. Until recently, service featured use of a tunnel underneath 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle for the exclusive use of the Breda Hybrid Trolleybuses. This facility is presently closed while construction of Seattle's first light-rail line is undertaken. Once complete, the light-rail will share the tunnel with a new generation of New Flyer Diesel-Electric Hybrid's that don't require trolley poles. The Breda's are currently being converted to electricity-only trolleybuses to prolong their life by an extra 5-8 years.

Fares are collected in the typical American style with a fare box/transfer system. However due to the downtown fare-free zone, on journeys operating outbound passengers may board at any door in the free zone, but a 'Pay as you leave' system applies once outside the zone. Inbound service fare collection is by the standard 'Pay as you enter' system. A Visitor Pass is available for purchase and allows 1 day's unlimited use on all King County Metro buses. They can be purchased on line and posted out prior to your arrival in Seattle or can be obtainted at the King County Metro office located at 201 South Jackson St, half a block west from the Amtrak station.

Photo Gallery

TrolleybusesMAN-Siemens 4005 is about to be towed from the 12th Ave NE Terminus in the University District. 14/06/2006.
MAN-Siemens 4020 on Pike St on a route 43 service. 14/06/2006.
MAN-Siemens 4031 on 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle. 14/06/2006.
MAN-Siemens 4042 at Rainer Beach terminus after completing Route 7 from Downtown. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4124 arrives at the 7th Ave W route 2 terminus in the Queen Anne district. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4125 on 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle. 14/06/2006.
Rear view of Gillig-GE/Alstom 4134 ath the 10th Ave W route 1 terminus in Queen Anne. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4156 waits to depart on the next route 70 from the terminus on South Main St. 14/06/2006.
An interior view of Gillig-GE/Alstom 4157. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4166 on 4th Ave S. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4173 stops outside Seattle Centre on 5th Ave N. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4191 passes Benaroya Hall on University St while Not In Service. 14/06/2006.
Gillig-GE/Alstom 4194 waits to commence a route 43 at 12th Ave NE Terminus. 14/06/2006.
An interior view of 4194. 14/06/2006.
Breda-AEG/Westinghouse 4207 on South Jackson St. 14/06/2006.
Rear view of Breda-AEG/Westinghouse 4228 on 3rd Ave. 14/06/2006.
Breda-AEG/Westinghouse 4243 on 3rd Ave. 14/06/2006.
Breda-AEG/Westinghouse 4253 on Pike St. 14/06/2006.
BusesNew Flyer D60 2332 on 3rd Ave. 14/06/2006.
New Flyer D60 2369 on 7th Ave N. 14/06/2006.
Rear view of New Flyer D60 2405 on 3rd Ave. 14/06/2006.
Gillig Phantom's 3336, 3592 & Gillig GE/Alstom Trolley 4111 on 3rd Ave in the evening rush hour. 14/06/2006.
New Flyer D40LF 3610 on Denny Way. 14/06/2006.
New Flyer D40LF 3649 on 7th Ave N. 14/06/2006.

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