Oxford, United Kingdon

The city of Oxford, strangely enough in the heart of Oxfordshire County lies some 80 Kilometres to the northwest of London and is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous green and pleasant countryside so close to the capital. It is of course home to the University of the same name and therefore has a large student population that tends to ebb and swell depending on the semesters. The local bus services are operated under contract from the Oxfordshire County Council with the more prominent operators being Arriva, Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach.

The large bus seasonal student population ensures that the services are well patronised during the semesters that the University operates through. In addition to the standard routes, there is a system of Park & Ride routes that operate from car park's on the outskirts of town and operate to the city centre using a fleet of green Dennis Trident Double Deckers. The fleets of the route operators consist of the standard variety seen in many other cities in the UK - Dennis Tridents and Darts, together with the increasing number of Volvo's, Mercedes Citaro's and MAN's and are mostly low floor, front-door only vehicles.

Oxford is of course well served by rail with direct and connecting services via Reading to London Paddington. There is also the competing Oxford Tube road service (also owned by Stagecoach) via the A40 Motorway to London Victoria that operates every 10 minutes and costs 11 one way/13 return at the time of writing. It's an interesting alternative to the railway.

Photo Gallery

Oxford Bus Co's Dennis Dart SLF 408 on High Street. 27/10/2005.
Rear view of Oxford Bus Co's B10B 615 on High Street. 27/10/2005.
Oxford Bus Co's Volvo B10B 648 on High Street near the Magdalen Bridge. 27/10/2005.
Oxford Bus Co's Volvo B10BLE 806 at Oxford Railway Station. 27/10/2005.
Oxford Bus Co's B10BLE 808 on High Street near the Magdalen Bridge. 27/10/2005.
One of Oxford Park & Ride's Dennis Trident's to Redbridge seen near St Aldates. 27/10/2005.
Oxford Bus Co's Mercedez Citaro 833 turning from High Street. 27/10/2005.
Stagecoach Dennis Trident 18134 shown operating route 100 near Park End Street. 27/10/2005.
Stagecoach MAN 18.220 22940 heads to the City Centre along High Street. 27/10/2005.
Stagecoach MAN 18.220 22945 heads towards Blackbird Leys along High Street. 27/10/2005.
An Oxford Bus Co Volvo B10B and a Stagecoach MAN 18.220 await departure from Bonn Square. 27/10/2005.

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